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Accessible Properties is now a referring agency for the Tauranga Food Bank

Accessible Properties has been accepted as a referring agency for the Tauranga Food Bank. This means that your Tenancy Manager can refer you directly for assistance by way of food parcels.

Once referred, Accessible Properties tenants are eligible for three food parcels in a 12 month period, no questions asked. Tauranga Food Bank will provide more than three food parcels to those who have been referred by a budget service – the food bank will link you to this service.

Accessible Properties tenants are also eligible for start up packs. These include basic pantry items and cleaning products and are useful when moving into a new home.

If you would like to be referred to the Tauranga Food Bank, please contact your Tenancy Manager. Please note, you must be living in the Tauranga area to be eligible.

To learn more about the Tauranga Food Bank, head to their website:

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