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From a shaky start to a solid foundation

Prior to the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes, Trevor lived in Christchurch and was employed in the fishing industry. “I was fully employed, well paid, and I was able to travel overseas. But the earthquakes changed that good life and I had to relocate to the King Country” he says. Trevor found employment as an educator in a language nest and spent three years training to be a teacher.

The need to access specialised medical services in Hamilton lead to Trevor moving there to live with friends. However when their adult children returned home to live with them it was over crowded and Trevor needed to find somewhere else to live. The Rauawaawa Kaumatua Trust referred him to Accessible Properties who quickly found him a home.

“My whole self-esteem has improved” Trevor says. His new home is a haven offering him privacy, space and a peaceful environment. He enjoys the positive attitudes of his new neighbours and says there is a great community spirit.

“I’m so grateful for my new home, it has made a huge difference to me” says Trevor who is looking forward to finding employment in the near future.

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