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All Accessible Properties homes are inspected at least twice a year.  We may also do inspections at other times when necessary. We do inspections to check that:

  • The condition of the house meets our maintenance standards
  • The property meets the Building Act and fire safety regulations
  • Smoke detectors are in place and working
  • You are meeting your obligations a as a tenant
  • We are meeting our obligations as a landlord

Before you move in, we will visit the house and give you a Property Inspection Report to sign. This allows us both to agree on the condition your house needs to be in when you leave.

We will do an inspection after you have given notice and before you leave. We will check the Property Inspection report to see if there is any damage, and arrange for repairs and payment if necessary.

Notice before an inspection

We will let you know by letter at least 48 hours before we arrive to inspect your house. Sometimes if we are going to visit you on another matter, we may ask your permission to do the inspection at the same time.

Who has to be home?

An adult must be home for the inspection – preferably the person who signed the tenancy agreement. If that isn’t possible, you can arrange for an adult friend or relative to be there instead.

Who does the inspection?

Your Tenancy Manager will do the inspection and on occasion our Housing Development Manager and/or the Regional Property Manager will be present.