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We will:

  • Make sure your home is clean and tidy when you move in
  • Keep your home in good structural condition – we have an ongoing maintenance programme for all our properties
  • Do any urgent repairs as quickly as possible
  • Check that your smoke detectors work
  • Repair normal wear and tear as soon as possible


Trades people

Contractors that work for us are bound by a Code of Conduct that requires them to:

  • Contact you to agree a time for the repairs to be done – unless the job is urgent in which case we would assume you would be home
  • Leave their name, address, phone number, date, time and reason for calling if you are not home when they call
  • Show you their identification before entering your house
  • Leave your house safe, clean and tidy at the end of every work day and remove their rubbish
  • Respect your privacy and treat you house and possessions with care
  • Be appropriately dressed and polite to you at all times

You can help by:

  • Being home at the agreed time or give us plenty of notice if you’re not going to be home
  • Moving furniture and personal items that may be in the way
  • Keeping yourself and children out of harm’s way