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Mould and Pest Control2016-06-28T02:28:09+00:00

Preventing Mould

Mould is a common household problem caused by the presence of moisture in poorly ventilated areas. Everything from breathing to washing to cooking causes moisture to build up and if it is not controlled, mould will start to grow. A dry, well aired house or unit is easier to heat and healthier for you and your family.

To keep mould at bay:

  • Open windows and doors when you are home
  • Open windows so steam can escape from cooking or bathing
  • Open curtains early in the morning and close them when the sun goes down
  • Keep lids on pots when cooking
  • Wipe condensation off walls and windows when it happens
  • Hang washing outside to dry
  • Open windows when using a clothes drier so moisture can escape
  • Dry clothes and shoes before putting them away
  • Leave wardrobes slightly open for ventilation
  • Keep the shower curtain hanging inside the shower/bath so water doesn’t drip on the floor, and wash the curtain every few weeks
  • Use an electric heater rather than gas (which creates a damp heat)
  • Pull beds and furniture away from walls so they can breathe
  • Keep only a few plants inside

Removing Mould

Wash mould with diluted household bleach (one part bleach, three parts water mixed together) as soon as it appears, as it is harder to remove once it has been there awhile. Use a clean sponge or cloth when washing off mould and rinse it often to reduce the risk of it spreading. Wear gloves when washing it away, be careful not to splash any liquid on your clothes or carpet or in your eyes and open windows, it improves airflow while you clean.

Pest Control

We can organise pest control for you if you need it at your own cost. You can do a lot to keep rats and mice away by keeping your home clean and tidy so they have no food source and nowhere to nest.

If they do get inside, mouse holes and nesting areas can be blocked with steel wool.

You can get mousetraps from the supermarket or buy poisoned bait from garden or hardware stores. Be sure to set bait out of reach of children and always wear rubber gloves when getting rid of dead rodents.


Keep bay leaves or garlic in your cupboards to keep cockroaches away. Wash the floor and wall behind fridges and stoves regularly and spray these areas with long lasting insect spray.


Ants in New Zealand are generally harmless but can be a nuisance. Sprinkle ground or whole cloves in cupboards to keep them away. You can also sprinkle talcum powder or cream of tartar at the point where they come inside. If you find an ant nest, pour boiling water into it.

White Tailed Spiders

White tailed spiders usually live in cool dark areas like under bark in gardens, wood piles, litter and walls. They also hide under beds in clothing left on the floor. Their bites can cause pain, swelling redness and small ulcers. Use fly spray to get rid of the spiders.

Total release aerosol pesticides are also available from hardware stores.