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If your circumstances change and you need to move out, or you wish to leave our premises you need to give us 21 days notice in writing. This letter must include the address of your home and the date you plan to leave. Please make sure you sign the letter.

After you have given notice

Within 48 hours of receiving your notice we will send you out a moving out checklist and arrange to inspect the property. We will look at the Property Inspection Report from when you moved in. If there is any damage, we will discuss arrangements for repairs and payment with you.

You need to arrange for us to collect the keys from you at the house by contacting your Tenancy Manager. We will do a last inspection and send you a final statement showing the rent you have paid and any money you owe.

We will arrange for your bond refund form to be submitted to the Ministry of Building, Innovation and Employment Tenancy Services after the property inspection has been completed and if necessary any deductions for arrears, repairs and/or cleaning as agreed by the Tenancy Manager and yourself has been signed.