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Partnering with Habitat for Humanity to support people into their own home

In 2018 Habitat for Humanity wants to help Accessible Properties tenants get some extra supplies and in the future maybe even into their own home with their ReStore outlets and Assisted Home Ownership programme.

Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore outlet in Tauranga accepts and sells quality, second hand goods such as furniture, clothing, toys and kitchenware and with a referral from Accessible Properties, you can even volunteer at the Tauranga store in exchange for what goods you need.

Habitat for Humanity also runs an Assisted Home Ownership programme to help kiwis make their home ownership dream a reality. Tim Maurice of Habitat for Humanity Tauranga says “everybody deserves a decent place to live” is their motto.This programme is available to applicants nationwide.

How it works is, if you’re eligible, you and your family give 500 hours of your time to helping build your home or the homes of others. Once your home is complete, you’re able to move in and make monthly payments directly to Habitat for Humanity. These payments build up a deposit for you which can then be used when seeking finance to buy your home from Habitat for Humanity.

Tim says, “It’s a hand up – not a hand out.”

To find out more about the Assisted Home Ownership programme and see whether you qualify, head to Habitat for Humanity’s website: 

To volunteer with ReStore in Tauranga, please contact your Tenancy Manager for a referral.



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