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Rotary delivers surprise to our deserving tenants

Last December Tauranga Rotary wanted to help people who sometimes fall under the radar.

They chose to team up with Accessible Properties and donate Christmas hampers to seven deserving tenants.

“Rotary was very pleased to be able to offer this gift, as a way of recognising people who are not asking for a hand out, but will appreciate a gesture of kindness for doing the right thing,” said Treasurer  of Rotary Tauranga, Sue Boyne.

Accessible Properties tenant Ethel Smith was over the moon when she was surprised with her hamper.

“It meant a lot. First one I’ve ever got in my life,” she said.

The hampers were beautifully presented in a washing basket filled with “quite a lot of stuff,” including frozen chickens, sausages, tomatoes, and biscuits.

Following the warm reception from tenants who received the 2017 hampers it’s an initiative Rotary is keen to continue.

“It’s something Rotary would like to get involved in on an annual basis,” said Sue.

Accessible Properties would like to thank Rotary Tauranga for their support and look forward to surprising some more tenants with Christmas hampers in 2018.

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