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Tauranga organisations learn from award winning community project

Accessible Properties not only provide housing, but we are also committed to supporting communities. It’s not just about putting a roof over someone’s head; it’s about improving the wellbeing of our tenants and supporting long-term successful inclusive living in a community.

We recently invited Dave and Denise Tims to Tauranga to share their experiences as part of their involvement with the award winning Randwick Park project. Following the death of a liquor store owner, the community around Randwick Park in Manurewa, South Auckland, decided to rally against violence and safety issues in their neighbourhood. As well as this, the community wanted to change the perception that their community was not worth investing in, and the negative reputation it had developed.

Dave and Denise shared how the project transformed the neighbourhood of urban poverty and crime to a tightknit and positive place to live, work and play.  The project went on to win the Mitre Ten Community of the Year Award in 2017.

Throughout the day, Dave and Denise presented seminars and held discussions with Accessible Properties Tauranga team, Good Neighbour Trust, Tauranga City Council councillors and staff, as well as local Iwi, hosted by Ngati Ranginui. There was an emphasis on social enterprise; organisations that deliver a positive social or environmental impact in the community. Dave and Denise also addressed the council on what they could be doing to better support community renewal.

Dave and Denise were warmly received by the organisations they met with on the day, signalling an overall eagerness to support and improve the wellbeing of the Tauranga community.

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