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There when Charles needed us

Charles Taylor lived on Banks Peninsula, Canterbury, for 28 years, but when, due to the unsuitable nature of the schooling available, the progress of his son (Aman) who has Down syndrome began to suffer, Charles decided that it was time to change schools.

“Allenvale School in Christchurch offered an educational programme that wasn’t provided by the previous high school,” says Charles.

Allenvale’s special education programme teaches ‘transition to life’ skills – how to navigate bus systems, supermarkets, work and other life experiences. The programme is designed to give people more confidence and independence before moving out of home and into assisted living.

However, in order for Charles’ son to attend Allenvale school the family had to relocate to Christchurch city. “Before we could move to the city we needed to sort accommodation,” says Charles. “I tried Housing New Zealand and the properties they offered were not suitable for the pair of us. I began asking my case manager ‘Is there anyone else we could look at?’.

“My case manager put me on to Accessible Properties. I did some research and then phoned (Accessible Properties Tenancy Manager) Renee.”

Within days Renee was showing Charles a new two-bedroom home.

“It was wonderful. Just when I was starting to lose hope, serendipity stepped in and our needs were provided for! It couldn’t have worked out better,” he said.

Charles has now moved into a new home but remains extremely grateful to Renee and the organisation for providing the housing support he needed, when he needed it.

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