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Accessible Properties – Our Story

We know what a difference a good home makes. We are a social and disability housing provider committed to providing housing that meets tenants’ needs and tenancy services that support long-term successful inclusive living in a community.

We care about people and their right to a good life. We believe that the quality of the homes we provide should be fit for purpose, warm, dry, safe, secure and in a well-functioning community. This is fundamental to people’s wellbeing and their life chances.

Our Commitment

We are committed to our tenants and all stakeholders.

We act with honesty and integrity.

We respect and listen to the people in our homes and apply learnings to our entire portfolio.

Our History

Accessible Properties is a registered community housing provider, is Accredited under the Community Housing Aotearoa Global Mark scheme,  is a charitable organisation and manages one of New Zealand’s largest non-government social housing portfolios with more than 2700 homes throughout the country. We are focused on providing tenancy services that mean greater engagement from tenancy managers and include connecting people with any community and social support services they may need. Accessible Properties has been in social housing for more than 60 years and is a wholly owned subsidiary of IHC New Zealand.

Our People

The people who work for Accessible Properties care about the people in our homes and know the difference decent housing and access to appropriate support can make to their lives.

We are focussed on achieving the best outcomes for our tenants. This goes well beyond the interests of a private landlord or property investor. For many people we provide hope in the form of a warm, dry, secure home that enables people in housing need to stabilise this aspect of their lives and build a platform for their future.

We are continually looking to match our tenants with the homes that will suit them best. This includes ensuring we use our expertise to build and modify homes for an aging population, people with disabilities and can accommodate changing housing needs.

We are interested in the communities in which our houses are located, our tenants and their families’ access to services, and their opportunities to be included and participate in the communities in which they live.

We aim to help our tenants feel settled in their homes and more connected with their community, while providing stable housing for the duration of their need. We will engage with our tenants as appropriate to ensure they are able to access support services such as, budgeting and financial assistance, employment support, mental health and disability services.

Over time we will work to provide opportunity for our tenants to achieve housing independence and where possible help them move through the housing continuum.