Moving out

If you decide to move out, you need to give us 21 days’ notice in writing. The letter needs to include the address of the property and the date you plan to leave. Please make sure you sign the letter.


Your Tenancy Manager will let you know what you need to do. Make sure you leave the property clean and tidy so you don’t have to pay any extra costs for cleaning and so you get your bond back as soon as possible.

Carpet cleaning

Make sure that carpets are clean. You may need to pay for a professional carpet cleaner if we need to hire one. Please note that cheap do-it-yourself carpet cleaning machines generally can't clean carpets properly.

Final inspection

The final inspection will be carried out once the property has been fully cleaned, vacated and the keys have been returned. If a final inspection appointment has been made and you won’t be ready for the inspection, please call us as soon as possible to sort out another time.

We’ll look at the Property Inspection Report from when you moved in. If there’s any damage, we’ll talk to you about what repairs are needed and what this will cost.

Getting your bond back

You’ll need to complete these steps before your bond will be returned to you:

  1. Pay your rent in full until the day you move out. You can’t use your bond money to pay your final rent.
  2. Clean the property. It will need to pass the final inspection for your bond to be returned.
  3. Give all keys to Accessible Properties. This includes all the keys you were given at the start of your tenancy, as well as any extra copies you have made.

We’ll arrange for your signed bond refund form to be sent to Tenancy Services after the property inspection. Some of your bond money may be used to pay for any missed rent, repairs or cleaning as agreed by you and your Tenancy Manager.