Being a good neighbour

Please be a good neighbour and be aware of behaviour, noise and the use of shared areas.

Sorting out problems

There may be times you don’t agree with your neighbours even if you usually get on well. First try and speak to your neighbour about the issue if it is safe to do so. If this doesn’t help, you can talk to your Tenancy Manager or contact us on 0800 862 769.

If you have problems with loud noise, call the noise control office at your local council.

If you think someone is in physical danger you should call the Police immediately on 111. Illegal activity should be reported to the Police.

If you do report a problem to the authorities, please call us on 0800 862 769 or email or your Tenancy Manager to let us know.

Noise and disruption

Try to not disturb your neighbours with any form of loud noise, including loud music. You should take particular care if you live in a unit or an apartment. You also need to make sure your visitors don’t disturb your neighbours.

Units, apartments, townhouses and duplexes

If you’re renting a unit, apartment, townhouse or duplex, then you’re renting a ‘strata title’ or ‘body corporate’ (shared area) property. You’ll need to follow the by-laws of the building complex. Your Tenancy Manager will give you the body corporate rules and regulations along with your tenancy agreement.

There will be a common area within the shared property that can be enjoyed by all residents. It is important that you follow the common area rules:

  • No child under your control can play in areas that could be dangerous to them
  • You can’t block any person’s legitimate and lawful use of the areas
  • No sheds or outside structures are to be erected without prior approval from Accessible Properties
  • You can’t use any part of the common area to plant or maintain your own garden or vegetable patch.