Moving in

Please complete the following steps when you move into your new home.


Your Tenancy Manager will work with you to complete a property inspection report when you move in. This describes the condition of your home at the start of your tenancy, such as any marks on the walls or any damage to the walls or property. This report needs to be completed by you and the landlord and signed by both parties. By signing this inspection report you agree to the state of your home when you move in.

Check your keys

Check all the keys to the house are working properly. You will be provided keys to the house, and there may also be keys for the windows and the letterbox. It is important to check the keys are working when you first move in as you may be charged a replacement fee if you report broken or missing keys later.

Change your address

You need to let organisations such as your bank, power company and New Zealand Post know that you have a new address. New Zealand Post can redirect your mail to your new house for a fee. Find out more on the New Zealand Post website.

Organise your phone and power connection

As a landlord we will make sure your home has access to electricity, gas, telephone and internet but you will need to make sure they are connected in your name, to the provider of your choice. Please make sure these services are registered from start date of your tenancy. Contact your provider as soon as you can as the time it takes to register may vary. If you are moving in to a newly built home, we will make sure your phone and power are connected to the grid.

Tell us your phone number and email address

If you get a new phone number, please call your Tenancy Manager or email these details to us at Please tell us your email address as well.

Water meter

If your home has a water meter, we pay the fixed charges for supply and you will pay for the water you use. If you have any questions about water charges, please contact your Tenancy Manager.

Get your recycling bin or bags

You will need to contact your local council to get a recycling bin or bags.

Get contents or tenant insurance

We strongly recommend you get contents or renter’s insurance to insure your belongings. Your belongings won't be covered by our insurance if they are damaged or destroyed.