Paying your bond and rent


You need to pay a bond of up to four weeks’ rent at the beginning of your tenancy. We will lodge your bond payment with the government’s Tenancy Services, who will then contact you with a lodgement number to confirm they have received it.


Paying your rent

Your rent must be paid in advance, usually every one or two weeks.

You will receive an automatic payment form when you sign your tenancy agreement. Set up this automatic payment with your bank. If your rent is coming directly from your benefit payment, take the tenancy agreement to the Ministry of Social Development and Work and Income.

Please make sure you pay your rent on time. If at any stage you are having difficulties and cannot pay your rent, please call your Tenancy Manager immediately as they are there to help you.

What happens if you don’t pay your rent

It’s really important that you pay your rent on time and don’t get into debt as this can quickly spiral out of control. Please contact us immediately if you have problems paying your rent.

If you get behind with your rent payments, we will contact you to discuss the debt and work with you to come up with a plan on how you can pay off the debt.

Changes to rent

Your rent will be set once a year, unless you are eligible for income-related rent. You will receive a letter telling you of any change to your rent at least 60 days before that change happens. Please contact your Tenancy Manager if you have any questions.

Accommodation Supplement

You may be able to get an Accommodation Supplement from the Government to help with your rent if you don't qualify for income-related rent. Contact Work and Income to find out whether you can get it. This depends on your household income. Remember, if you get an Accommodation Supplement you need to contact Work and Income and your Tenancy Manager if your household income changes.

Go to the Work and Income website to find out more about the Accommodation Supplement.

Responsibilities to the Ministry of Social Development (MSD)

If you pay income-related rent (IRR), there are a few extra things you will need to do which you can find on the Work and Income website. We have summarised the key points below.

Eligibility for public housing support

MSD will review most tenants’ need for public housing support every three years, or if you have a significant change of circumstances. This is to make sure you still need to live in public housing, and that the type of housing still meets your needs. Tenants who are 75 years and older or those who live in a property modified for their needs (for example wheelchair access) will not have their tenancy reviewed.

Contact MSD on 0800 673 468 or talk to your MSD Case Manager if you would like more information.

Change in circumstances

You need to let MSD know if there is a change in your, your partner’s or your family’s circumstances. These may include things like starting a new job, changes to income, ending or starting a relationship, or people moving into or out of your home.

You need to tell MSD as it may affect:

  • How much rent you pay
  • Your need for public housing, or
  • The type of housing you are living in.

Talk to MSD or your Tenancy Manager if you are unsure. They will support you through the process.

Transferring to another property

There are some situations where it may be better for you to move to another home.

If you can afford to rent in the private market, MSD will work with you to find a suitable option, though your Tenancy Manager is also happy to help. It’s important that public housing is available for the people with the greatest need.

If you want to move to a home outside of your current region, you will need to contact MSD. You can phone them free on 0800 673 468.

If you’re unsure, please talk to your Tenancy Manager or MSD.

Changes to rent

MSD will review your IRR at least once a year. As mentioned above, changes in your income or circumstances may affect the amount of rent you need to pay.

MSD will write to you and let you know when they have completed this review. They will then advise us and we will send you a letter confirming any change in rent and the date that will happen.

If you don’t agree with the decision made about your rent, you can call MSD on 0800 673 468 to talk to them about it.