Your Tenancy Manager will inspect your home during your tenancy and will work with you to arrange a time and date that suits you. Your Tenancy Manager will use the cleaning guide to evaluate your home when it’s inspected.

At the inspection your Tenancy Manager will check that your home is in good condition and will write down any repairs that are needed. They may also take photos of anything that needs fixing. Let your Tenancy Manager know if your home needs any repairs or maintenance.

The inspection may also involve your Tenancy Manager taking photos of the grounds and any repairs required.

Your Tenancy Manager may also test your home for methamphetamine contamination during property inspections (see Drug contamination).

New homes

If your home is new, a builder’s maintenance warranty may apply. If this is the case, we will let you know when you move in. Please tell your Tenancy Manager about any problems with the house that are not identified on the property inspection report.

Your Tenancy Manager will inspect your home when the warranty period is nearly finished. They will ask you for your list of any problems you have found with the house.