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Tauranga Tenants2018-09-10T10:54:28+00:00

Accessible Properties is extremely pleased to welcome our new tenants from Tauranga.

On 1 April 2017, the ownership and management of 1138 Housing New Zealand houses in Tauranga will be transferred to Accessible Properties.

We will be working closely with Housing New Zealand and the Ministry of Social Development to ensure the transition to living in an Accessible Properties house is as seamless as possible for all our new tenants – including ensuring that tenant’s cost of rent will not change because of this transfer.

Our commitment is to provide all our tenants with excellent customer service with a focus on maintaining close links with community organisations that provide support.

Accessible Properties has the same responsibilities under the Residential Tenancies Act as Housing New Zealand did previously. Likewise, the rights and responsibilities of all new tenants under the Act will not change as a result of this transfer.

Accessible Properties currently manages over 1600 properties throughout New Zealand and we are one of New Zealand’s most trusted social housing providers having over 60 years’ experience in the social housing sector.

We are a registered charity based in New Zealand, and we are a wholly owned subsidiary of IHC New Zealand.

Our focus has always been on providing New Zealanders with housing that is integrated into the community, is affordable and maintains close links with support services.