Swimming pools – important notice

Two kids playing in a paddling pool

Summer’s here and we’re all looking forward to some fun in the sun.

One way to do that is a paddling pool for the kids.

However, it’s important to keep safe, and most importantly, keep our loved ones safe.

For that reason, we advise tenants that pools with a depth of more than 40 centimetres are not allowed under the terms of your tenancy.

The reason for this is simple and important.

New Zealand has one of the worst drowning rates in the world – and sadly, the victims can often be children.

It only takes 30 seconds for a child to drown.

Many shops are selling temporary or inflatable pools at this time of year. If you’re buying one, you must make sure the water level is below 40 centimetres.

It is against the law to have a pool with a water level above 40 centimetres unless it is appropriately fenced.

We are committed to safety, including the safety of children, and so we will be strictly enforcing this legal requirement – no exceptions.

If you have any questions, please contact your Tenancy Manager before purchasing a pool.

Thank you for your assistance, we wish you a safe and enjoyable summer.

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