Accessible Properties Tauranga tenants keep warm thanks to Good Neighbour

Firewood burning in a fireplace

Good Neighbour completed their largest firewood drop ever recently with some of it going to Accessible Properties tenants.

Earlier in May Georgina Willers from Accessible Properties and her husband volunteered their time to get 62 cubes of firewood and 150 bags of kindling out to 31 families – 10 of which were tenants referred by Accessible Properties.

Good Neighbour aims to do four firewood drops each winter, dependant on available stock. Families pay just $30 for their delivery which has a retail value of around $150. This is made possible by volunteers, sponsors and full price sales to the public.

Accessible Properties Tauranga have a strong relationship with Good Neighbour, who have provided several tenants with help around the home, including mowing lawns, accessing firewood and removing rubbish.

It’s about lending a hand and paying it forward and a way to help Tauranga families get the support they need before they hit crisis point.

You can find out more about Good Neighbour on their website.

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